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Make your mark in this world!

I want to be an author

CCC has taken the decision to open-source the writing of the CoffeeChat material to you. We would like to empower you to write your own CoffeeChat issue that we will share with the world.

This is how it will work:

  1. You let us know that you want to write an issue.
  2. We’ll send you the Excel template (all the instructions and guides are written into the template. You can also watch the Author’s Tutorial Video here).  It looks like this…
  3. Save the template and send the saved work to us.
  4. We’ll edit it with you.
  5. We’ll publish it.
  6. You’ll make you mark!

More about this idea:

There is so much we can learn from one another that it seems silly to limit the movement of the Holy Spirit to a few people. The idea behind this is to offer the Christian a tool whereby they could have an impact on the world in an exciting way. In short, we are providing this tool to help you live up to your Christian faith and responsibility by making your mark in the world for Christ.

We believe that you have an idea that could guide CoffeeChatConnect groups and help them to grow their faith by using this simple tool.

Practical Ideas:

If you are intimidated by this and not sure if you can write an issue but feel you would like to try, that’s ok. We will help you as much as we can. Or, Why not try…

  • Write one issue as a group.
  • Write one with a friend.
  • Tell your friend to write one.

You are under no pressure to complete an issue if you cannot write one. There is no pressure. However, we will try help you succeed. Because we are cool that way.

I want to be an author

Questions about CoffeeChatConnect Author? Email us

Terms and Conditions for the Authors:

By writing any CoffeeChatConnect (CoffeeChatConnect) material, you declare that you accept the Terms & Conditions of CoffeeChatConnect;

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Being a author of CoffeeChatConnect does not mean you are an author on any academic level. It simply means you are a contributor to writing CoffeeChatConnect material.
  2. Writing of any CoffeeChatConnect material is done free of charge and is given to CoffeeChatConnect for free. You acknowledge that you will never be paid for your work at any time, remunerated in any way, nor will you expect or receive any compensation. You acknowledge that any work submitted to CoffeeChatConnect is done for free and when any work is given to CoffeeChatConnect, CoffeeChatConnect will decide whether to use it or not. CoffeeChatConnect is under no obligation to publish anyone’s material in any way. Publishing anything is entirely at the discretion of CoffeeChatConnect.
  3. When writing material for CoffeeChatConnect, you will not push any specific doctrine, personal opinions, political agendas, personal interests, racially motivated agendas, gender discriminated, religious discrimination, hateful speech, sexist agendas, etc. or any other agenda that is hurtful. You acknowledge that CoffeeChatConnect material is designed to lead people into a deeper understanding of the Scriptures of the Holy Christian Bible by asking questions that would guide each person, and each group, to be taught by the Holy Spirit; i.e. CoffeeChatConnect material leads people into a conversation with one another as they listen to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the teacher. Failing to adhere to this simple instruction will result in your expulsion of CoffeeChatConnect as well as revoke, or recall, any of your work.
  4. You acknowledge that you will not attack other religions, but you may offer comparisons for educational exploration and discussion to gain better understanding.
  5. You will site any work that is not your own to your best ability.
  6. You agree than when, and if any of, your CoffeeChatConnect material is submitted and/or published, you give all rights to CoffeeChatConnect, through which, your material becomes the property of CoffeeChatConnect who then has your direct permission to use it as CoffeeChatConnect chooses. You will also not be entitled to any royalties should CoffeeChatConnect make any finacial gain from your submitted or published material. For example: If CoffeeChatConnect decides to publish CoffeeChats into a book, and your work is selected, we will assume that we have your direct permission to add your work into the book being published, and when sold, you will not be entitled to any royalties.
  7. You will not be compensated for any of your work.
  8. All proceeds will go to building up the CoffeeChatConnect brand, CoffeeChatConnect’s designated charities, designated relief funds, etc.
  9. Using the CoffeeChatConnect brand or material in any other way that is not in line with the mission and vision of CoffeeChatConnect or without permission is strictly prohibited.

NOTE: These of the main ones, not excluding any other T&C’s that CoffeeChatConnect applies in addition to these.